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St Michael Learning Centre
About Us
St. Michael Learning Centre
We began in 1998 in the family living room and has grown to two campuses in Lusaka that provide quality education for nearly 200 children from two years old.
We have a vision to attain a world in which all learners can read & write, and are sufficiently numerate.
Pre-School & Primary School
Pre-School & Primary School

Holistic development of children (mind, body and soul) through physical education, gardening, crafts and spiritual education.

Cosy Family-Run Business
Cosy Family-Run Business

Practising environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible decisions in our day-to-day activities. We ensure a clean, safe and stimulating learning environment.

One-to-One Teacher-Pupil Interaction
One-to-One Teacher-Pupil Interaction

Equal learning opportunities for both boys and girls. We have well remunerated staff who are encouraged to further their own education development too.


Happy New Year

Let's Get This Year Started!

The year 2020 started off on a fantastic note! The learners who sat for their exams in November 2019 all passed to Grade 8 with impressive results, Maths and Science being one of the highest passing subjects. The top 4learners, all female

St Michael teachers continue to work tirelessly towards achieving numerate and literate learners so that they not only pass exams but can exceed well in all that they do because they have the education, knowledge and skills to do so.

Also, this year, we have 6 more children in our OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable children) program all at our Vorna Valley campus. We are happy to welcome these children and give back to our community even if it just a pinch of the population, because every child deserves an education regardless of their background.

This year the PTA is folding their sleeves and coming to work for you! Parents are advised to work closely with the PTA and ensure they are represented in the year’s events.



St. Michael's on the Radio
16th December

Take a listen to our team being interviewed recently on the radio

Radio interview


Individual Reading

We take this program very seriously and continue to encourage children and their parents to do the same. Children need to be independent readers in order to cope well with subjects like Social Studies, Science, Maths, English and CTS.

Every child follows their own progress. Individual reading is separate from the reading which is done during lessons and in the Library.

Parents are encouraged to ensure that their children read to them or any other adult every day. You listening to the child gives encouragement to him/her and provides you with a rare opportunity to spend quality time with your child.

Adding on to our Library books are a number of French books donated by our partners Alliance Français. HAPPY READING!


Extra Curricular Activities

Join the Club!

Extracurricular activities will commence on Monday 9th September 2019, for ten weeks. We would like to encourage parents/guardians to help the children select one club that stands as a supplement to the academic work being taught in class.

  • Art & Craft, or Home Economics
  • Fun with Math & Science
  • Pre-school Bible Stories, or Remedial Studies
  • Debating, or French Language
  • Pre-school Music, or Gardening
  • Football & Indoor Games
Let's see what's happened
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Teachers & Auxiliary Staff
Class Size
Let's see what's coming up
2020 Term One Calendar


Monday 6th

Back to school! Term 1 begins for all pupils.

Monday 13th

Extra curricular activities begin for teachers & pupils.


Friday 7th

Open day with all the teachers and parents.

Tuesday 25th

Careers day for pupils all for K15.


Thursday 12th

Youth day and community awareness for all pupils. Bring along donated items.

Friday 27th

Science exhibitions for all pupils with your prepared projects.


Friday 3rd

Closing day party complete with snacks!

St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
St. Michael Learning Centre
The people that make all this possible
Meet the Team
St. Michael Learning Centre
Mrs Winfrida Chisakuta
St. Michael Learning Centre
Ms. Vizi Chisakuta
St. Michael Learning Centre
Mr. Alan Chisakuta
St. Michael Learning Centre
Ms Victoria Kabemba
Head Mistress
St. Michael Learning Centre
Mrs. Mukuka
Grade 6 Teacher - PHI
St. Michael Learning Centre
Mr. Emmanuel Musonda
Grade 4 Teacher - PHI
St. Michael Learning Centre
Mr. Derrick Musonda
Grade 2 Teacher - Vorna Valley

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